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Daegu Wine Club was the first of its kind. It has stood the test of time and continues to remain a significant factor amoung the expat community. Daegu Wine Club continues to evolve and the future is only bright.

Daegu Wine Club

Busan Wine Club

Busan Wine Club was set up to fill a void in the city of Busan. The networking events and connections this club has made has left a positive impact. In doing so, splinter sub groups have been created in order to maintain the now vibrant wine culture. 

About US

Korea Wine Club runs, promotes and orgainzes both Daegu Wine Club and Busan Wine Club. In addtion to those tasks, they also import and distrubute exclusive wine to a limited number of retailers within South Korea.

The Road So Far


Founded in 2009 as a non-profit, Daegu Wine Club was the first pioneering concept of its kind within South Korea. From this concept other clubs were formed, thus allowing Korea Wine Club to be established in its current form. 

Korea Wine CLub acts and promotes wine events in a fun and stylush setting. We select locations dotted around South Korea. The team incorporates unqiue methods in order for guests to have a faboulus time.

Korea Wine Club has exclusive connections with wineries, importers and retailers allowing us to deleiver exclusive wines for our memembers at afforable rates. 

Members to Korea Wine Club is free. 

It all started as a hobbie

Special Moments

Real events with real people! Come share and enjoy a wine experince like no other. 

What We Have To Offer

Great exclusive wine. That we import. 

A great platform for interaction.

Networking events that are clear and honest.

High end client service for our B2B partners.


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